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We have a wide assortment of microfiber wash mitts and microfiber sponges, which are great for automotive and household cleaning tasks.

For automotive use, we have car cleaning sponges and microfiber car wash mitts constructed from a variety of microfiber fabrics. Some are constructed with soft plush microfiber fabric, others with long plush chenille microfiber bundles. We have a few microfiber wash mitts for cars which feature a micro-mesh scrubbing side which is great for bug removal, or tougher road grime.

We have car wax applicator microfiber sponges covered with premium low pile microfiber material, with inside sewn edges. We have scrubber sponges which are great for upholstery cleaning, and leather conditioner applications.

For household cleaning tasks, we have lightweight general purpose microfiber wash mitts which are great for dusting and all-purpose wiping. We have scrubber sponges designed for dish washing and counter wiping.