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There are near infinite ways and methods to clean and detail your car, and there are specific auto detailing equipment and products for most of those methods. It can be confusing. But it doesn’t mean that you need fancy auto detailing towels, you just need to find the ones that fit your methods.


Since you are here, you are looking for those products. In order to find the right auto detailing cloth, you need to determine who you are and what methods you are going to use.


Are you a professional detailer, are you an OCD enthusiast or did you just buy a new car?


If you are a professional detailer you probably already have most of your methods determined, and have a good idea about which Microfiber products you need. Most professionals will color code their towels, mitts and sponges to specific tasks to reduce cross contamination. Some will choose one type, blend, and weight of towel and color code it to different tasks, keeping it simple. Other detailers will pick specific types, blends, weights, weaves and sizes for specific tasks, and will match those towels to the chemicals that they are using.


The weekend warrior needs to keep it simple. They should start with a wash mitt, auto detailing cloth, and some general purpose towels. Once you get a feel for the correct auto detailing and car cleaning processes you can build on your auto microfiber towel collection!