36'' Heavy Duty Aluminum Flat Mop Head

36'' Heavy Duty Aluminum Flat Mop Head
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NOTE: This is only the flat mop head replacement. If you want a complete mop kit please take a look at our mop kits. The 36" Aluminum Flat Mop Head is perfect for smaller spaces. This 36 inch dust mop head is made with high quality aluminum and high density plastic for a sturdy and durable cleaning product. The bottom edge of this heavy duty flat mop head is outfitted with 2 strips of Velcro to attach to your microfiber mop pads. The extra strength plastic fastener attaches and detaches your floor mop head from your Aluminum or Stainless Steel heavy duty mop handle.

Product Features

4.4 inches wide
This 36 inch microfiber dust mop head features a durable aluminum & plastic construction

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