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Ultra Terry
Medium Pile - Light to Medium Weight
All-Purpose Cleaning
Plush Elite
Two Piles - Medium to Heavy Weight
One side High Pile, One side Low Pile
Duo Plush
High Pile - Heavy Weight
Waffle Weave
Low Pile - Medium Weight
for Drying and Glass
Glass, Optical & Suede
No Pile - Medium Weight
for Windows, Glass, Mirrors, Glasses, Mobile Device
Various Types - Non-woven, MicroChamois, MicroMesh, Velvet Soft
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We offer a wide selection of microfiber cleaning cloths for just about every surface and cleaning purpose. Our microfiber towels are made with the finest AA grade microfiber yarn (typically a blend of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide or 70% polyester and 30% polyamide) - woven on high end German machines - the yarn is chemically split increasing its surface area and creating a capillary cleaning action characterized by high absorbency and an almost magic connection to dirt, debris and grime.

You can choose from six categories of towels Ultra Terry, the most common for general cleaning tasks; Elite Plush For fine painted surfaces, like cars and guitars; Duo Plush Extremely Soft with a high pile on both sides; Waffle Weave for drying and glass; Glass and Optical Low pile and low lint towels with minimal streaking; Specialty Other types of towels for specific purposes