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The Microfiber Glass Towel is a light weight towel that is great for cleaning windows and mirrors, polishing chrome, glass, and metals. This towel has a extra tight weave, and a low pile (not as thick as the ultra or elite towels). This towel can save you a fortune in paper towel costs alone!

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Vacation Home Cleaner6/2/2013

IThis towell was recommended to me by a friend that is in the same business . We clean vacation homes. Alot of windows, glass bulbs, mirrors, etc. I would''nt use any other towell. It makes my job much easier and faster.


I do have to say this was a shot in the dark. However, a great shot it turned out to be! This little towel is probably the best glass cleaning towel I have used in 15 years. The trick to getting this towel to work well is NOT TO USE TOO MUCH PRODUCT! Glass cleaning foam is the best, and used in very little quantity, will cut through just about any film. I recently cleaned the interior windows on a car that had not had the windows cleaned in about 1 year, and the glass was so clear after using this towel, that I could easily see small rock chips in the front windshield. It''s best to us the glass towel folded over in quarters, and use new quarters when needed. Use the towel without cleaner first, then try only a small amount of foaming spray glass cleaner. Nothing more is needed. Because of the unique weave of this towel, using a diluted spray cleaner will only load the towel up and cause streaking. We were also able to use the same towel on 2-3 cars before washing it-you just gotta keep it folded over for best results.

Big Glass towel 12" x 16"12/30/2012

I like to be able to quarter fold this big glass towel. I use one direction on the inside and the oppsite direction on the outside. If you like big glass towel this is for us!

Polish rag12/11/2011

great for polishing kitchen glassware.

project manager8/14/2007

LOVE the glass towels we have a lot of windows n mirrors