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This is a standard Microfiber Wet Mop Pad. It has good absorbency, and scrubbing capabilities. It attaches to the mop hardware via velcro, and can be removed and laundered hundreds of times.

Product Features

450gsm Microfiber Screwfiber
300g/m2 Black Polyester Velcro

Customer Reviews

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Microfibre Mop Pad5/29/2012

High quality product. Will last for many years. Great price. Great for tile floors. Not so great for wood floors. It is pretty stiff so I can''t wring out the water as well - so it leaves streaks. I can use a dry mop pad to get rid of the steaks and its fine. Or if things aren''t so dirty I use a water sprayer on the floor and use the mop pad to dry the floor. Does this company have a softer microfibre pad for the floor? I was looking for something a little more plush and less stiff.

Owner of Elaine''s Cleaning Service4/4/2012

I love these micro-fiber pads. well made and thick. wash well and wear great.

Logistics &warehouse Manager12/8/2011

Great product

microfiber wet mop pad12/8/2011

Works great on wood floors and washable to resuse over and over again.

Great Mop Pad12/5/2011

I use this pad to clean my tile and wood floors and it is great! Much better than swiffer!


i''ve used these mops for years. they are the only ones that dont get shredded by our rough ceramic tile kitchen floor. GREAT mops!