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So many uses for one amazing cloth!

The Autofiber Zero Edge Detailing Cloth cleans glass, polishes chrome, dusts interiors, buffs away wax and polish residue, and makes quick detailing easy. It does all this without scratching thanks to the edgeless design.

One touch and you’ll think this baby blue cloth is for pampering your body, not your vehicle. Although it feels delicate, this multi-purpose microfiber cloth is strong enough to tackle the toughest detailing jobs. Its strength lies in millions of tightly-woven microfiber strands that loosen and lift dirt and debris. Once lifted, they’re trapped inside microscopic spaces within and between these strands.  

Double-sided cleaning power

With short pile on one side and long pile on the other, one cloth takes care of every detailing need. You can even fold the 16 x 16-inch cloth in fours for easy handling, and to create eight different wet or dry cleaning surfaces. The long pile side works wonders with quick detail (QD) mists and spray-on waxes. The short pile side is perfect for cutting through wax and polish residue.

When slightly dampened, the short pile side cleans glass and windows with ease, and without leaving streaks or lint trails. Pinched between thumb and forefinger, a single swipe removes fingerprints and smudges along window edges.

When dry, gently abrasive microfibers break apart wax and polish for easy removal without damaging paint or clearcoats. They can even cut through stubborn stains and water spots, too. Whether hand polishing, waxing and final buffing, restoring shine to chrome, removing dust from interiors and picking up grime from hard-to-reach places, this edgeless microfiber cloth does it all.

Product Features

Premium 75/25 Polyester/Polyamide (nylon) fiber blend
Machine washable convenience – Machine or hand wash separately or with other microfiber items in warm water and mild detergent or hand soap, rinse, and air dry. Bleach, fabric softeners and high heat are not recommended.
Superabsorbent and nonabrasive – Can be used wet or dry to clean, buff and polish without damaging paint, clearcoats, plastic or other finishes.
Professional-looking results – When applying polishes, cleaners and protectants to autos, SUVs, RVs, motorcycles, lunch trucks, even boats
Edgeless Design - No more worries about abrasive edges scratching

Customer Reviews

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Zero edge detailing cloth12/8/2014

The best detail towel our guys have used.

Great Detailing Towel5/10/2014

The absorbancy of this towel is fantastic. I lightly blow dry (electric blower) the car and then can do the rest of the drying with the towel. No streaks or spots. Also works great on a windshield clean with no streaks. Easily washed in a washing machine for the next use. Beats the old white towel by miles.

get the korean edgeless instead5/1/2014

I got these and the korean edgeless together. These edges started shedding after the first wash. They also bled pretty badly and dyed some other white towels I washed with light blue. I was thinking the light color wouldnt bleed the first wash but was wrong. They are not as soft as the koreans and I dont see myself using them much. They are constructed similar to plain mf you might see at walmart. Ill buy more of the koreans soon though, they are great and would outperform these in any area including polish removal.

Autofiber Zero Edge10/8/2012

Im glad i bought 10 packs.They Awesome towels-1 towel does it all!. I use them for waterless wash,quick detail,removing polish and sealant/wax.This towel just glides on the paint and the best thing is NO EDGE.I like it.

Works Great­6/28/2012

Great product at a great price. Top quality all the way. These were part of my first order and I actually should have purchased more. This is definitely my only place to buy mf towels! And absolutely fantastic service!

Finest Detailing Towel3/31/2012

Great towel! Glides over the clear coat. Wish there were more color options.